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Exodus 39:33 verse
And they brought the tabernacle unto Moses, the tent, and all his furniture, his taches, his boards, his bars, and his pillars, and his sockets,

ויביאו את־המשׁכן אל־משׁה את־האהל ואת־כל־כליו קרסיו קרשׁיו בריחו ועמדיו ואדניו

Job 20:22 verse
In the fulness of his sufficiency he shall be in straits : every hand of the wicked shall come upon him.

במלאות שׂפקו יצר לו כל־יד עמל תבואנו

1 Kings 16:21 verse
Then were the people of Israel divided into two parts : half of the people followed Tibni the son of Ginath, to make him king ; and half followed Omri.

אז יחלק העם ישׂראל לחצי חצי העם היה אחרי תבני בנ־גינת להמליכו והחצי אחרי עמרי

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