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1 Chronicles 11:24 verse
These things did Benaiah the son of Jehoiada, and had the name among the three mighties.

אלה עשׂה בניהו בנ־יהוידע ולו־שׁם בשׁלושׁה הגברים

Numbers 33:35 verse
And they departed from Ebronah, and encamped at Eziongaber.

ויסעו מעברנה ויחנו בעציון גבר

1 Samuel 1:24 verse
And when she had weaned him, she took him up with her, with three bullocks, and one ephah of flour, and a bottle of wine, and brought him unto the house of the LORD in Shiloh : and the child was young.

ותעלהו עמה כאשׁר גמלתו בפרים שׁלשׁה ואיפה אחת קמח ונבל יין ותבאהו בית־יהוה שׁלו והנער נער

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