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Proverbs 23:15 verse
My son, if thine heart be wise , my heart shall rejoice , even mine.

בני אמ־חכם לבך ישׂמח לבי גמ־אני

Ezra 2:50 verse
The children of Asnah, the children of Mehunim, the children of Nephusim ,

בני־אסנה בני־מעינים בני נפיסים

1 Chronicles 2:17 verse
And Abigail bare Amasa : and the father of Amasa was Jether the Ishmeelite.

ואביגיל ילדה את־עמשׂא ואבי עמשׂא יתר הישׁמעאלי

If you’ve had your head buried in the sand for the last several years
and haven’t been paying attention, a handful of billionaires in Silicon Valley
now have control over what you say and who you’re allowed to say it to.


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