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Proverbs 11:8 verse
The righteous is delivered out of trouble, and the wicked cometh in his stead.

爪讚讬拽 诪爪专讛 谞讞诇抓 讜讬讘讗 专砖讈注 转讞转讬讜

John 7:41 verse
Others said , This is the Christ. But some said , Shall Christ come out of Galilee ?

螒螞螞螣螜 螘螞螘螕螣螡 螣违韦螣蟼 螘危韦螜螡 螣 围巍螜危韦螣蟼 螣螜 螖螘 螘螞螘螕螣螡 螠螚 螕螒巍 螘螝 韦螚蟼 螕螒螞螜螞螒螜螒蟼 螣 围巍螜危韦螣蟼 螘巍围螘韦螒螜

Hebrews 9:22 verse
And almost all things are by the law purged with blood ; and without shedding of blood is no remission.

螝螒螜 危围螘螖螣螡 螘螡 螒螜螠螒韦螜 螤螒螡韦螒 螝螒唯螒巍螜螙螘韦螒螜 螝螒韦螒 韦螣螡 螡螣螠螣螡 螝螒螜 围惟巍螜蟼 螒螜螠螒韦螘螝围违危螜螒蟼 螣违 螕螜螡螘韦螒螜 螒桅螘危螜蟼


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