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   "a poem set to notes"  Psalm  מִזְמוֹר~mizmowr~/miz-more'/    David  David  דָּוִד~David~/daw-veed'/
   "The Holy Creator of t...  Jehovah, the Lord  יְהֹוָה~Yhovah~/yeh-ho-vaw'/    Bewray (self), that are..  קָרָא~qara'~/kaw-raw'/
   (make) haste(-n), ready  חוּשׁ~chuwsh~/koosh/    Give (perceive by the) ..  אָזַן~'azan~/aw-zan'/
   Aloud, bleating, crack..  קוֹל~qowl~/kole/    Bewray (self), that are..  קָרָא~qara'~/kaw-raw'/
   Prayer  תְּפִלָּה~tphillah~/tef-il-law'/    Certain(-ty), confirm, ..  כּוּן~kuwn~/koon/
   presence  Accept, (a-, be-)fore(..  פָּנִים~paniym~/paw-neem'/    (sweet) incense, perfume  קְטֹרֶת~qtoreth~/ket-o'-reth/
   Burden, collection, sig..  מַשְׂאֵת~mas'eth~/mas-ayth'/    Branch, foot, hand(-fu..  כַּף~kaph~/kaf/
   evening/night/sunset  Day, even(-ing, -tide)..  עֶרֶב~`ereb~/eh'-reb/    gift, tribute, offering  Gift, oblation, (meat) ..  מִנְחָה~minchah~/min-khaw'/
   "apply/appoint/to put"  Apply, appoint, array, ..  שִׁית~shiyth~/sheeth/    Watch  שׇׁמְרָה~shomrah~/shom-raw'/
   "The Holy Creator of t...  Jehovah, the Lord  יְהֹוָה~Yhovah~/yeh-ho-vaw'/    Accord(-ing as, -ing to..  פֶּה~peh~/peh/
   Besieged, hidden thing,..  נָצַר~natsar~/naw-tsar'/    Door (two-leaved), gate..  דֶּלֶת~deleth~/deh'-leth/
   Band, bank, binding, bo..  שָׂפָה~saphah~/saw-faw'/
   Afternoon, apply, bow ..  נָטָה~natah~/naw-taw'/    Care for, comfortably,..  לֵב~leb~/labe/
   Adversity, affliction, ..  רַע~ra`~/rah/    Act, advice, affair, an..  דָּבָר~dabar~/daw-baw'/
   Abuse, affect, × child,..  עָלַל~`alal~/aw-lal'/    Iniquity, wicked(-ness)  רֶשַׁע~resha`~/reh'-shah/
   Act(-ion), deed, doing,..  עֲלִילָה~`aliylah~/al-ee-law'/    human being, person  Also, another, any (man..  אִישׁ~'iysh~/eesh/
   Commit, (evil-)do(-er),..  פָּעַל~pa`al~/paw-al'/    Affliction, evil, false..  אָוֶן~'aven~/aw-ven'/
   Devour, eat, × ever, fi..  לָחַם~lacham~/law-kham'/    Dainty  מַנְעַם~man`am~/man-am'/
   Just, lawful, righteous..  צַדִּיק~tsaddiyq~/tsad-deek'/    Beat (down), break (dow..  הָלַם~halam~/haw-lam'/
   Favour, good deed(-line..  חֵסֵד~checed~/kheh'-sed/    Appoint, argue, chasten..  יָכַח~yakach~/yaw-kahh'/
   head  Band, beginning, captai..  רֹאשׁ~ro'sh~/roshe/    Anointing, × fat (thing..  שֶׁמֶן~shemen~/sheh'-men/
   Break, disallow, discou..  נוּא~nuw'~/noo/    head  Band, beginning, captai..  רֹאשׁ~ro'sh~/roshe/
   Prayer  תְּפִלָּה~tphillah~/tef-il-law'/    Adversity, affliction, ..  רַע~ra`~/rah/
   Avenge, × that condemn..  שָׁפַט~shaphat~/shaw-fat'/    Discontinue, overthrow,..  שָׁמַט~shamat~/shaw-mat'/
   (ragged) rock, stone(-n..  סֶלַע~cela`~/seh'-lah/    ( be) able, × about, a..  יָד~yad~/yawd/
   × attentively, call (ga..  שָׁמַע~shama`~/shaw-mah'/    Answer, × appointed unt..  אֵמֶר~'emer~/ay'-mer/
   Pass in beauty, be deli..  נָעֵם~na`em~/naw-ame'/
   Body, bone, × life, (se..  עֶצֶם~`etsem~/eh'tsem/    Disperse, scatter (abro..  פָּזַר~pazar~/paw-zar'/
   Grave, hell, pit  שְׁאוֹל~sh'owl~/sheh-ole'/    Accord(-ing as, -ing to..  פֶּה~peh~/peh/
   Bring forth, cleave, cu..  פָּלַח~palach~/paw-lakh'/    Make a breach, break fo..  בָּקַע~baqa`~/baw-kah'/
   earth  × common, country, eart..  אֶרֶץ~'erets~/eh'-rets/
   Affliction, outward app..  עַיִן~`ayin~/ah'-yin/    "The Holy Creator of t...  God  יְהֹוִה~Yhovih~/yeh-ho-vee'/
   "My Master"  (my) Lord  אֲדֹנָי~'Adonay~/ad-o-noy'/    Have hope, make refuge,..  חָסָה~chacah~/khaw-saw'/
   Leave destitute, discov..  עָרָה~`arah~/aw-raw'/    Any, appetite, beast, b..  נֶפֶשׁ~nephesh~/neh'-fesh/
   Leave destitute, discov..  עָרָה~`arah~/aw-raw'/
   Beward, be circumspect,..  שָׁמַר~shamar~/shaw-mar'/    Gin, (thin) plate, snare  פַּח~pach~/pakh/
   ( be) able, × about, a..  יָד~yad~/yawd/    Fowler (lay a) snare  יָקֹשׁ~yaqosh~/yaw-koshe'/
   Be ensnared, gin, (is) ..  מוֹקֵשׁ~mowqesh~/mo-kashe'/    Commit, (evil-)do(-er),..  פָּעַל~pa`al~/paw-al'/
   Affliction, evil, false..  אָוֶן~'aven~/aw-ven'/
   Condemned, guilty, ung..  רָשָׁע~rasha`~/raw-shaw'/    Be accepted, cast (down..  נָפַל~naphal~/naw-fal'/
   Net  מַכְמָר~makmar~/mak-mawr'/    Alike, at all (once), b..  יַחַד~yachad~/yakh'-ad/
   Alienate, alter, × at a..  עָבַר~`abar~/aw-bar'/
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