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From Original Authorized King James Version phpBible_av
Exodus 12:45 A foreigner and an hired servant shall not eat thereof.

From Original Young's Literal Translation Version YLT
Exodus 12:45 a settler or hired servant doth not eat of it;

From Original World English Bible Translation Version WEB
Exodus 12:45 A foreigner and a hired servant shall not eat of it.
Exodus 12:45
   Foreigner, inhabitant, ..  תּוֹשָׁב~towshab~/to-shawb'/    Hired (man, servant), h..  שָׂכִיר~sakiyr~/saw-keer'/
   × at all, burn up, cons..  אָכַל~'akal~/aw-kal'/

Exodus 12:45 From Original Hebrew Authorized King James Version
 [towshab]   [sakiyr]   ['akal] 
  foreigner, inhabi...   hired (man, serva...   × at all, burn up...
בָׁשֹוּת ריִכָׂש לַכָא
 [bahswot]   [ryikas]   [laka'] 

Strong's Dictionary Number: [8453]


1 Original Word: תּוֹשָׁב
2 Word Origin: from (03427)
3 Transliterated Word: towshab
4 TDNT/TWOT Entry: TWOT - 922d
5 Phonetic Spelling: to-shawb'
6 Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
7 Strong's Definition: or toshab (1 Kings 17:1) {to-shawb'}; from [03427;]03427; a dweller (but not outlandish [(05237));](05237)); especially (as distinguished from a native citizen (active participle of [03427)]03427) and a temporary inmate [(01616)](01616) or mere lodger [(03885))](03885)) resident alien:--foreigner, inhabitant, sojourner, stranger.
8 Definition:
  1. sojourner, stranger

9 English:
0 Usage: foreigner, inhabitant, sojourner, stranger

Strong's Dictionary Number: [7916]


1 Original Word: שָׂכִיר
2 Word Origin: from (07936)
3 Transliterated Word: sakiyr
4 TDNT/TWOT Entry: TWOT - 2264.1c
5 Phonetic Spelling: saw-keer'
6 Part of Speech: Adjective
7 Strong's Definition: from [07936;]07936; a man at wages by the day or year:--hired (man, servant), hireling.
8 Definition:
  1. hired
    1. hired (of animal)
    2. hireling, hired labourer (subst)
      1. mercenary

9 English:
0 Usage: hired (man, servant), hireling

Strong's Dictionary Number: [398]


1 Original Word: אָכַל
2 Word Origin: a primitive root
3 Transliterated Word: 'akal
4 TDNT/TWOT Entry: TWOT - 85
5 Phonetic Spelling: aw-kal'
6 Part of Speech: Verb
7 Strong's Definition: a primitive root; to eat (literally or figuratively):--X at all, burn up, consume, devour(-er, up), dine, eat(-er, up), feed (with), food, × freely, × in...wise(-deed, plenty), (lay) meat, × quite.
8 Definition:
  1. to eat, devour, burn up, feed
    1. (Qal)
      1. to eat (human subject)
      2. to eat, devour (of beasts and birds)
      3. to devour, consume (of fire)
      4. to devour, slay (of sword)
      5. to devour, consume, destroy (inanimate subjects - ie, pestilence, drought)
      6. to devour (of oppression)
    2. (Niphal)
      1. to be eaten (by men)
      2. to be devoured, consumed (of fire)
      3. to be wasted, destroyed (of flesh)
    3. (Pual)
      1. to cause to eat, feed with
      2. to cause to devour
    4. (Hiphil)
      1. to feed
      2. to cause to eat
    5. (Piel)
      1. consume

9 English:
0 Usage: × at all, burn up, consume, devour(-er) (up), dine, eat(-er, up), feed (with), food, × freely, × in...wise, in(-deed) (plenty), (lay) meat, × quite

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