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Numbers 31:45 And thirty thousand asses and five hundred,

From Original Young's Literal Translation Version YLT
Numbers 31:45 and of asses thirty thousand and five hundred;

From Original World English Bible Translation Version WEB
Numbers 31:45 and thirty thousand five hundred donkeys,
Numbers 31:45
   A period of thirty day...  Thirty, thirtieth  שְׁלוֹשִׁים~shlowshiym~/shel-o-sheem'/    1000  Thousand  אֶלֶף~'eleph~/eh'-lef/
   (he) ass  חֲמוֹר~chamowr~/kham-ore'/    5/fifth/a multiple of ...  Fif(-teen), fifth, five..  חָמֵשׁ~chamesh~/khaw-maysh'/
   100/sixscore  Hundred((-fold), -th), ..  מֵאָה~me'ah~/may-aw'/

Numbers 31:45 From Original Hebrew Authorized King James Version
 [shlowshiym]   ['eleph]   [chamowr]   [chamesh]   [me'ah] 
 A period of thirt... 1000  (he) ass  5/fifth/a multipl... 100/sixscore
םיִׁשֹולְׁש ףֶלֶא רֹומֲח ׁשֵמָח הָאֵמ
 [myihswolhs]   [hpele']   [rwomahc]   [hsemahc]   [ha'em] 

Strong's Dictionary Number: [7970]


1 Original Word: שְׁלוֹשִׁים
2 Word Origin: multiple of (07969)
3 Transliterated Word: shlowshiym
4 TDNT/TWOT Entry: TWOT - 2403d
5 Phonetic Spelling: shel-o-sheem'
6 Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
7 Strong's Definition: or shloshiym {shel-o-sheem'}; multiple of [07969;]07969; thirty; or (ordinal) thirtieth:--thirty, thirtieth. Compare [07991.]07991.
8 Definition:
  1. thirty, thirtieth

9 English: A period of thirty days after the burial of a deceased person, during which a mourner is forbidden to do certain things, such as marrying or shaving.
0 Usage: thirty, thirtieth

Strong's Dictionary Number: [505]


1 Original Word: אֶלֶף
2 Word Origin: prop, the same as (0504)
3 Transliterated Word: 'eleph
4 TDNT/TWOT Entry: TWOT - 109a
5 Phonetic Spelling: eh'-lef
6 Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
7 Strong's Definition: prop, the same as [0504;]0504; hence (the ox's head being the first letter of the alphabet, and this eventually used as a numeral) a thousand:--thousand.
8 Definition:
  1. a thousand
    1. as numeral
  2. a thousand, company
    1. as a company of men under one leader, troops

9 English: 1000
0 Usage: thousand

Strong's Dictionary Number: [2543]


1 Original Word: חֲמוֹר
2 Word Origin: from (02560)
3 Transliterated Word: chamowr
4 TDNT/TWOT Entry: TWOT - 685a
5 Phonetic Spelling: kham-ore'
6 Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
7 Strong's Definition: or (shortened) chamor {kham-ore}; from [02560;]02560; a male ass (from its dun red):--(he)ass.
8 Definition:
  1. (he) ass

9 English:
0 Usage: (he) ass

Strong's Dictionary Number: [2568]


1 Original Word: חָמֵשׁ
2 Word Origin: a primitive numeral
3 Transliterated Word: chamesh
4 TDNT/TWOT Entry: TWOT- 686a
5 Phonetic Spelling: khaw-maysh'
6 Part of Speech: Noun
7 Strong's Definition: masculine chamishshah {kham-ish-shaw}; a primitive numeral; five:--fif(-teen), fifth, five (X apiece).
8 Definition:
  1. five
    1. five (cardinal number)
    2. a multiple of five (with another number)
    3. fifth (ordinal number)

9 English: 5/fifth/a multiple of five (with another number)
0 Usage: fif(-teen), fifth, five (× apiece)

Strong's Dictionary Number: [3967]


1 Original Word: מֵאָה
2 Word Origin: properly, a primitive numeral; a hundred
3 Transliterated Word: me'ah
4 TDNT/TWOT Entry: TWOT - 1135
5 Phonetic Spelling: may-aw'
6 Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
7 Strong's Definition: or metyah {may-yaw'}; properly, a primitive numeral; a hundred; also as a multiplicative and a fraction:--hundred((-fold), -th), + sixscore.
8 Definition:
  1. hundred
    1. as simple number
    2. as part of larger number
    3. as a fraction - one one-hundredth (1/

9 English: 100/sixscore
0 Usage: hundred((-fold), -th), + sixscore

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