GothicGreekScript Here is an image of Rev 13:18 written in Greek with the supposed 666 underlined in red, the middle letter is Σ.
600 800 6
  1. Please find the Χ  for 600 & Σ for 200 & ς for 6.
  2. Please find the Χ  for 600 & Ξ for 60 & ς for 6.
  3. Please find the Χ  for 600 &  i  for 10 & ς for 6.
Christ Khrist Xhrist X-mas
Is Christ in letter Χ or letter Ξ or letter Σ?
Christ/Messiah  Kριστός -> Χριστός ->  ΧΡΙΣΤΌΣ  ΧΣ  the nomina sacra is ΧΣ or ΧΡ there is no letter Ξ in Christ?
but the Two 2 letters ΧΣ does become a Tri triad 3 Three as XΣς to the point of the mark of taw from Aramaic/Hebrew. 
1st letter: We see an X underʾālep for Hebrew, Syriac, Aramic & under sāmek for Greek ksi, Latin, Cyrillic & under tāw for South Arabic. It's missing under Arabic. X-mas
2nd letter: We see the Σ is only under sīn/sigma/stigma for the Greek; but does resemble greek Ζζζ ζ Zeta if we had to choose.
3rd letter: We see the ς is only under sīn/sigma/stigma for the Greek; but could be confused with the letter ζ for z zíta Phoenician letter resembles an I  
I Zayin which makes a nice XZayinc for the 616 crowd
תܬت, ث𐩩, ፐ ΤτTtТт
Rev 22:18 For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the curses that are written in this book!
666 ΧΣς but Σ is 200 not 60>? 2 Timothy 2:15

I have yet to see any manuscripts with the ΧΞς  
Search for it yourself
Samekh in the middle & not the X
So let's not trust it at all for now! So lets have a detailed look at our missing Samekh
which is now we are told is the hebrew O & redirected to a english S
not ksi Kριστός Xhristos which got the image X to make Χριστός Xhristos~ 300bc when the OT was translated into Greek?

Xi uppercase: Ξ lowercase: ξ Greek: ξι

It is pronounced [ksi] in Modern Greek, and generally /ˈZai/ or /ˈSai/ in English.

Σ sigma Σσς Σ uppercase: lowercase: σ final: ς

Sigma was a Greek innovation that simply meant "hissing" sound a snake/cat makes. 200 in Greek numerals.
Stigma (ϛ) is a ligature of the Greek letters sigma (Σ) and tau (Τ),
It is also used as a numeral symbol for the number 6 in the form ϛ or ΣΤ.
 Called σίγμα τελικό (sígma telikó, final sigma),
this letter is only used as the final letter of a word.
is the
in english!

Gothic Greek Name Pronunciation
Ϡ Sampi  ז
Ζ𐍊𐍃 Ζ ζῆτα zayin zeta [zdɛːta] [ˈzita] /ˈziːtə/, US: /ˈzeɪtə/
𐡎 З𐭣 Ѯѯ poss. Хх 
𐌾GjJ Ξ ξεῖ  ξῖ samekh
xi [kseː] [ksi] /ˈzaɪ/, /ˈksaɪ/
P𐍀h𐌷u𐌿q𐌵𐡏 Σ σίγμα šin siɡma [siɡma] [ˈsiɣma] /ˈsɪɡmə/

The Ο in Οmicron is not the same Ο as in Οmega?  
𐍉oΩ, Ο, utal < *ōbp al "ancestral land"*ōbpala
Heaven/HeavensΟὐρανόςΟΥΝΟΣ  ΟΥΝΟΥ
Hebrew water 60:  Omega/Omicron/'Ayrin but  Aramaic   𐡏
Hebrew water 60:  Omega/Omicron/'Ayrin
 Randy Travis - Will The Circle Be Unbroken  
𐡏𐤏Ω  ω  ʿע        ع   ܥ  
English Sixty 60 Sigma Stigma𐍃𐍊𐌶سΣ σ ς שСс Шш
In the Cyrillic numeral system, C or Es had a value of 200. Es (С с; italics: С с) is a letter of the Cyrillic script.
The Cyrillic letter Es is derived from a variant of the Greek letter Sigma known as lunate sigma (Ϲ ϲ), in use in the Greek-speaking world in early medieval times. It has no connection to the Latin letter C (C c), which is a descendant of the Greek letter Gamma (Γ γ); however, many languages (for different reasons) apply the value of /s/ to the Latin letter C, especially before the vowels e and i (examples being English, French, Mexican Spanish)
Related letters and other similar characters
    Σ σ/ς : Greek letter Sigma
    S s : Latin letter S
    Ц ц : Cyrillic letter Tse
    C c : Latin letter C

𐍇𐌾Gjq𐌵 <-goth 666?
𐍇sשfו<-english 666?


Syriac AramaicIPAHebrewArabic
Ālap ܐ 𐡀 /ʔ/; /aː/, /eː/ א ا
Bēth ܒ 𐡁 /b/, /β/ ב ب
Gāmal ܓ 𐡂 /ɡ/, /ɣ/ ג ج
Dālath ܕ 𐡃 /d/, /ð/ ד د ذ
ܗ 𐡄 /ɦ/ ה ه
ܘ 𐡅 /w/; /oː/, /uː/ ו و
Zain ܙ 𐡆 /z/ ז ز
Ḥēth ܚ 𐡇 /ħ/ /χ/ ח ح خ
Ṭēth ܛ 𐡈 emphatic /tˤ/ ט ط ظ
ܝ 𐡉 /j/; /iː/, /eː/ י ي
Kāp ܟ 𐡊 /k/, /x/ כ ך ک
Lāmadh ܠ 𐡋 /l/ ל ل
Mem ܡ 𐡌 /m/ מ ם م
Nun ܢ 𐡍 /n/ נ ן ن
ܣ 𐡎 /s/ ס س
ܥ 𐡏 /ʢ/ /ʁ/ ע ع غ
ܦ 𐡐 /p/, /ɸ/ פ ף ف
Ṣādhē ܨ 𐡑 emphatic /sˤ/ צ ץ ص ض
ܩ 𐡒 /qˁ/ ק ق
ܪ 𐡓 /r/ ר ر
ܫ 𐡔 /ʃ/ ש ش
ܬ 𐡕 /t/, /θ/ ת ت ث

Greek-script letters) Α α (A a), Β β (B b), Γ γ (G g), Δ δ (D d), Ε ε (E e), Ζ ζ (Z z), Η η (Ē ē), Θ θ (Th th), Ι ι  (I i ℩), Κ κ (K k), Λ λ (L l), Μ μ (M m), Ν ν (N n), Ξ ξ (X x), Ο ο (O o), Π π (P p), Ρ ρ (R r), Σ σ ς (S s s), Τ τ (T t), Υ υ (U u), Φ φ (Ph ph), Χ χ (Kh kh), Ψ ψ (Ps ps), Ω ω (Ō ō)

Greek script?

This article lists, for Standard Modern Greek, the 24 letters of the alphabet, the diacritical marks, punctuation marks and additional, rarely found, archaic letters some of which are still used today.


see also: "Greek alphabet" on Wikipedia
English Greek u/c l/c English Greek u/c l/c
1 alpha άλφα Α α       13 nu νι Ν ν
2 beta βήτα Β β 14 xi ξι Ξ ξ
3 gamma γάμα Γ γ 15 omicron όμικρον Ο ο
4 delta δέλτα Δ δ 16 pi πι Π π
5 epsilon έψιλον Ε ε 17 rho ρο Ρ ρ
6 zeta ζήτα Ζ ζ 18 sigma σίγμα Σ σ
7 eta ήτα Η η 19 tau ταυ Τ τ
8 theta θήτα Θ θ 20 upsilon ύψιλον Υ υ
9 iota γιώτα Ι ι 21 phi φι Φ φ
10 kappa κάππα Κ κ 22 chi χι Χ χ
11 lambda λάμδα Λ λ 23 psi ψι Ψ ψ
12 mu μι Μ μ 24 omega ωμέγα Ω ω

 Called σίγμα τελικό (sígma telikó, final sigma), this letter is only used as the final letter of a word. Like the Hebrew water letter.

Archaic letters

see also: "Archaic Greek alphabets" on Wikipedia

Letters which are no longer used in Modern Greek or have special uses.

English Greek u/c l/c notes
digamma δίγαμμα Ϝ ϝ the Greek number Ϝ΄ (= 6).
pamphylian digamma δίγαμμα Ͷ ͷ
stigma στίγμα Ϛ ϛ the Greek number Ϛ΄ (= 6).
heta ήτα Ͱ ͱ
yot γιοτ Ϳ ϳ
san σαν Ϻ ϻ
koppa κόππα Ϟ ϟ the Greek number Ϟ΄ (= 90).
old koppa κόππα Ϙ ϙ the Greek number Ϙ΄ (= 90).
sampi σαμπί Ϡ ϡ the Greek number Ϡ΄ (= 900).
old sampi σαμπί Ͳ ͳ the Greek number Ͳ΄ (= 900).
sho σω Ϸ ϸ

Greek aintroduced three new consonant letters for its aspirated plosive sounds and consonant clusters: Φ (phi) for /pʰ/, Χ (chi) for /kʰ/ and Ψ (psi) for /ps/. In western Greek variants, Χ was instead used for /ks/ and Ψ for /kʰ/. The origin of these letters is a matter of some debate.

Phoenician Greek
Phoenician aleph.svg aleph /ʔ/ Greek Alpha 03.svg Α alpha /a/, /aː/
Phoenician beth.svg beth /b/ Greek Beta 16.svg Β beta /b/
Phoenician gimel.svg gimel /ɡ/ Greek Gamma archaic 1.svg Γ gamma /ɡ/
Phoenician daleth.svg daleth /d/ Greek Delta 04.svg Δ delta /d/
Phoenician he.svg he /h/ Greek Epsilon archaic.svg Ε epsilon /e/, /eː/
Phoenician waw.svg waw /w/ Greek Digamma oblique.svg Ϝ (digamma) /w/ waw vaw
Phoenician zayin.svg zayin /z/ Greek Zeta archaic.svg Ζ zeta [zd]
Phoenician heth.svg heth /ħ/ Greek Eta archaic.svg Η eta /h/, /ɛː/
Phoenician teth.svg teth /tˤ/ Greek Theta archaic.svg Θ theta /tʰ/  Theos
Phoenician yodh.svg yodh /j/ Greek Iota normal.svg Ι iota /i/, /iː/
Phoenician kaph.svg kaph /k/ Greek Kappa normal.svg Κ kappa /k/
Phoenician lamedh.svg lamedh /l/ Greek Lambda 09.svg Λ lambda /l/
Phoenician mem.svg mem /m/ Greek Mu 04.svg Μ mu /m/
Phoenician nun.svg nun /n/ Greek Nu 01.svg Ν nu /n/

Three of the original Phoenician letters dropped out of use before the alphabet took its classical shape:
the letter Ϻ (san), which had been in competition with Σ (sigma) denoting the same phoneme /s/;
the letter Ϙ (qoppa), which was redundant with Κ (kappa) for /k/, and Ϝ (digamma),
whose sound value /w/ dropped out of the spoken language before or during the classical period.

Greek was originally written predominantly from right to left, just like Phoenician,
but scribes could freely alternate between directions.
For a time, a writing style with alternating right-to-left
and left-to-right lines (called boustrophedon, literally "ox-turning",
after the manner of an ox ploughing a field) was common,
until in the classical period the left-to-right writing direction became the norm.
Individual letter shapes were mirrored depending on the writing direction of the current line.


Code16    Code10    Result Description
U+0374 Alt+884 ʹ Greek Numeral Sign
U+0375 Alt+885 ͵ Greek Lower Numeral Sign
U+(0376-0379) are undefined
U+037A Alt+890 ͺ Greek Ypogegrammeni (iota subscript)
U+037B Alt+891 ͻ Greek Small Reversed Lunate Sigma Symbol
U+037C Alt+892 ͼ Greek Small Dotted Lunate Sigma Symbol
U+037D Alt+893 ͽ Greek Small Reversed Dotted Lunate Sigma Symbol
U+037E Alt+894 ; Greek Question Mark
U+037F Alt+895 Ϳ Greek Capital Letter Yot
U+(0380-0383) are undefined
U+0384 Alt+900 ΄ Greek Tonos (acute accent)
U+0385 Alt+901 ΅ Greek Dialytika Tonos (diaeresis + accent)
U+0386 Alt+902 Ά Greek Capital Letter Alpha with Tonos
U+0387 Alt+903 · Greek Ano Teleia (Raised point)
U+0388 Alt+904 Έ Greek Capital Letter Epsilon with Tonos
U+0389 Alt+905 Ή Greek Capital Letter Eta with Tonos
U+038A Alt+906 Ί Greek Capital Letter Iota with Tonos
U+038B is undefined
U+038C Alt+908 Ό Greek Capital Letter Omicron with Tonos
U+038D is undefined
U+038E Alt+910 Ύ Greek Capital Letter Upsilon with Tonos
U+038F Alt+911 Ώ Greek Capital Letter Omega with Tonos
U+0390 Alt+912 ΐ Greek Small Letter Iota with Dialitika and Tonos
U+0391 Alt+913 Α Greek Capital Letter Alpha
U+0392 Alt+914 Β Greek Capital Letter Beta
U+0393 Alt+915 Γ Greek Capital Letter Gamma
U+0394 Alt+916 Δ Greek Capital Letter Delta
U+0395 Alt+917 Ε Greek Capital Letter Epsilon
U+0396 Alt+918 Ζ Greek Capital Letter Zeta
U+0397 Alt+919 Η Greek Capital Letter Eta
U+0398 Alt+920 Θ Greek Capital Letter Theta
U+0399 Alt+921 Ι Greek Capital Letter Iota
U+039A Alt+922 Κ Greek Capital Letter Kappa
U+039B Alt+923 Λ Greek Capital Letter Lambda
U+039C Alt+924 Μ Greek Capital Letter Mu
U+039D Alt+925 Ν Greek Capital Letter Nu
U+039E Alt+926 Ξ Greek Capital Letter Xi
U+039F Alt+927 Ο Greek Capital Letter Omicron
U+03A0 Alt+928 Π Greek Capital Letter Pi
U+03A1 Alt+929 Ρ Greek Capital Letter Rho
U+03A2 is undefined
U+03A3 Alt+931 Σ Greek Capital Letter Sigma
U+03A4 Alt+932 Τ Greek Capital Letter Tau
U+03A5 Alt+933 Υ Greek Capital Letter Upsilon
U+03A6 Alt+934 Φ Greek Capital Letter Phi
U+03A7 Alt+935 Χ Greek Capital Letter Chi
U+03A8 Alt+936 Ψ Greek Capital Letter Psi
U+03A9 Alt+937 Ω Greek Capital Letter Omega
U+03AA Alt+937 Ϊ Greek Capital Letter Iota with Dialytika
U+03AB Alt+939 Ϋ Greek Capital Letter Upsilon with Dialitika
U+03AC Alt+940 ά Greek Small Letter Alpha with Tonos
U+03AD Alt+941 έ Greek Small Letter Epsilon with Tonos
U+03AE Alt+942 ή Greek Small Letter Eta with Tonos
U+03AF Alt+943 ί Greek Small Letter Iota with Tonos
U+03B0 Alt+944 ΰ Greek Small Letter Upsilon with Dialitika and Tonos
U+03B1 Alt+945 α Greek Small Letter Alpha
U+03B2 Alt+946 β Greek Small Letter Beta
U+03B3 Alt+947 γ Greek Small Letter Gamma
U+03B4 Alt+948 δ Greek Small Letter Delta
U+03B5 Alt+949 ε Greek Small Letter Epsilon
U+03B6 Alt+950 ζ Greek Small Letter Zeta
U+03B7 Alt+951 η Greek Small Letter Eta
U+03B8 Alt+952 θ Greek Small Letter Theta
U+03B9 Alt+953 ι Greek Small Letter Iota
U+03BA Alt+954 κ Greek Small Letter Kappa
U+03BB Alt+955 λ Greek Small Letter Lambda
U+03BC Alt+956 μ Greek Small Letter Mu
U+03BD Alt+957 ν Greek Small Letter Nu
U+03BE Alt+958 ξ Greek Small Letter Xi
U+03BF Alt+959 ο Greek Small Letter Omicron
U+03C0 Alt+960 π Greek Small Letter Pi
U+03C1 Alt+961 ρ Greek Small Letter Rho
U+03C2 Alt+962 ς Greek Small Letter Final Sigma
U+03C3 Alt+963 σ Greek Small Letter Sigma
U+03C4 Alt+964 τ Greek Small Letter Tau
U+03C5 Alt+965 υ Greek Small Letter Upsilon
U+03C6 Alt+966 φ Greek Small Letter Phi
U+03C7 Alt+967 χ Greek Small Letter Chi
U+03C8 Alt+968 ψ Greek Small Letter Psi
U+03C9 Alt+969 ω Greek Small Letter Omega
U+03CA Alt+970 ϊ Greek Small Letter Iota with Dialytika
U+03CB Alt+971 ϋ Greek Small Letter Upsilon with Dialytika
U+03CC Alt+972 ό Greek Small Letter Omicron with Tonos
U+03CD Alt+973 ύ Greek Small Letter Upsilon with Tonos
U+03CE Alt+974 ώ Greek Small Letter Omega with Tonos
U+03CF is undefined
U+03D0 Alt+976 ϐ Greek Beta Symbol
U+03D1 Alt+977 ϑ Greek Theta Symbol
U+03D2 Alt+978 ϒ Greek Upsilon with hook Symbol
U+03D3 Alt+979 ϓ Greek Upsilon with acute and hook Symbol
U+03D4 Alt+980 ϔ Greek Upsilon with diaeresis and hook Symbol
U+03D5 Alt+981 ϕ Greek Phi Symbol
U+03D6 Alt+982 ϖ Greek Pi Symbol
U+03D7 Alt+983 ϗ Greek Kai Symbol (equiv to &)
U+03D8 Alt+984 Ϙ Greek Letter Archaic Koppa
U+03D9 Alt+985 ϙ Greek Small Letter Archaic Koppa
U+03DA Alt+986 Ϛ Greek Letter Stigma
U+03DB Alt+987 ϛ Greek Small Letter Stigma
U+03DC Alt+988 Ϝ Greek Letter Digamma
U+03DD Alt+989 ϝ Greek Small Letter Digamma
U+03DE Alt+990 Ϟ Greek Letter Koppa
U+03DF Alt+991 ϟ Greek Small Letter Koppa
U+03E0 Alt+992 Ϡ Greek Letter Sampi
U+03E1 Alt+993 ϡ Greek Small Letter Sampi
U+(03E2-03EF) are Coptic letters
U+03F0 Alt+1008 ϰ Greek Kappa Symbol
U+03F1 Alt+1009 ϱ Greek Rho Symbol
U+03F2 Alt+1010 ϲ Greek Lunate Sigma Symbol
U+03F3 Alt+1011 ϳ Greek Letter Yot
U+03F4 Alt+1012 ϴ Greek Capital Theta Symbol
U+03F5 Alt+1013 ϵ Greek Lunate Epsilon Symbol
U+03F6 Alt+1014 ϶ Greek Reversed Lunate Epsilon Symbol
U+03F7 Alt+1015 Ϸ Greek Capital Letter Sho
U+03F8 Alt+1016 ϸ Greek Small Letter Sho
U+03F9 Alt+1017 Ϲ Greek Capital Lunate Sigma Symbol
U+03FA Alt+1018 Ϻ Greek Capital Letter San
U+03FB Alt+1019 ϻ Greek Small Letter San
U+03FC Alt+1020 ϼ Greek Rho with stroke Symbol
U+03FD Alt+1021 Ͻ Greek Capital Reversed Lunate Sigma Symbol
U+03FE Alt+1022 Ͼ Greek Capital Dotted Lunate Sigma Symbol
U+03FF Alt+1023 Ͽ Greek Capital Reversed Dotted Lunate Sigma Symbol
U+2129 Alt+8489 Turned Greek Small Letter Iota


Letter Name Sound
Ancient[7] Modern[8]
Α α alpha, άλφα [a] [] [a]
Β β beta, βήτα [b] [v]
Γ γ gamma, γάμμα [ɡ], [ŋ][ex 1] [ɣ] ~ [ʝ],
[ŋ][ex 2] ~ [ɲ][ex 3]
Δ δ delta, δέλτα [d] [ð]
Ε ε epsilon, έψιλον [e]
Ζ ζ zeta, ζήτα [zd]A [z]
Η η eta, ήτα [ɛː] [i]
Θ θ theta, θήτα [] [θ]
Ι ι iota, ιώτα [i] [] [i], [ʝ],[ex 4] [ɲ][ex 5]
Κ κ kappa, κάππα [k] [k] ~ [c]
Λ λ lambda, λάμδα [l]
Μ μ mu, μυ [m]
 A Or [dz].[9]

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