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2 Chronicles 8:11 verse
And Solomon brought up the daughter of Pharaoh out of the city of David unto the house that he had built for her: for he said , My wife shall not dwell in the house of David king of Israel, because the places are holy, whereunto the ark of the LORD hath come .

ואת־בת־פרעה העלה שׁלמה מעיר דויד לבית אשׁר בנה־לה כי אמר לא־תשׁב אשׁה לי בבית דויד מלכ־ישׂראל כי־קדשׁ המה אשׁר־באה אליהם ארון יהוה

2 Chronicles 29:29 verse
And when they had made an end of offering , the king and all that were present with him bowed themselves, and worshipped .

וככלות להעלות כרעו המלך וכל־הנמצאים אתו וישׁתחוו

Judges 10:17 verse
Then the children of Ammon were gathered together , and encamped in Gilead. And the children of Israel assembled themselves together , and encamped in Mizpeh.

ויצעקו בני עמון ויחנו בגלעד ויאספו בני ישׂראל ויחנו במצפה


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