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Ezra 10:35 Benaiah, Bedeiah, Chelluh,

From Original Young's Literal Translation Version YLT
Ezra 10:35 Benaiah, Bedeiah, Cheluhu,

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Ezra 10:35 Benaiah, Bedeiah, Cheluhi,
Ezra 10:35
   Benaiah  בְּנָיָה~Bnayah~/ben-aw-yaw'/    Bedeiah  בֵּדְיָה~Bedyeah~/bay-de-yaw'/
   Chelluh  כְּלוּהַי~Kluwhay~/kel-oo-hah'-ee/

Ezra 10:35 From Original Hebrew Authorized King James Version
 [Bnayah]   [Bedyeah]   [Kluwhay] 
  Benaiah   Bedeiah   Chelluh
הָיָנְּב הָיְדֵּב יַהּולְּכ
 [hayanB]   [haeydeB]   [yahwulK] 

Strong's Dictionary Number: [1141]


1 Original Word: בְּנָיָה
2 Word Origin: from (01129) and (03050)
3 Transliterated Word: Bnayah
4 TDNT/TWOT Entry: None
5 Phonetic Spelling: ben-aw-yaw'
6 Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
7 Strong's Definition: or (prolonged) Bnayahuw {ben-aw-yaw'-hoo}; from [01129]01129 and [03050;]03050; Jah has built; Benajah, the name of twelve Israelites:-- Benaiah.
8 Definition: Benaiah = "Jehovah has built" or "Yahweh has built up"
  1. one of David's mighty warriors, son of Jehoiada the chief priest, a Levite, set by David over his bodyguard, later having remained faithful to Solomon during Adonijah's attempt on the crown, was raised into the place of Joab as commander-in-chief of the army
  2. the Pirathonite, an Ephraimite, one of David's thirty mighty warriors, and the captain of the eleventh monthly course
  3. a Simeonite, a prince of the families of Simeon
  4. a Levite in the time of David who played with a psaltery on Alamoth
  5. a priest in the time of David, appointed to blow the trumpet before the ark
  6. a Levite of the sons of Asaph
  7. a Levite in the time of Hezekiah
  8. Four Israelites in the time of Ezra who had taken strange wives
  9. the father of Pelatiah

9 English:
0 Usage: Benaiah

Strong's Dictionary Number: [912]


1 Original Word: בֵּדְיָה
2 Word Origin: probably a shortened form (05662)
3 Transliterated Word: Bedyeah
4 TDNT/TWOT Entry: None
5 Phonetic Spelling: bay-de-yaw'
6 Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
7 Strong's Definition: probably a shortened form [05662;]05662; servant of Jehovah; Bedejah, an Israelite:--Bedeiah.
8 Definition: Bedeiah = "servant of Jehovah"
  1. an Israelite exile who took a foreign woman

9 English:
0 Usage: Bedeiah

Strong's Dictionary Number: [3622]


1 Original Word: כְּלוּהַי
2 Word Origin: from (03615)
3 Transliterated Word: Kluwhay
4 TDNT/TWOT Entry: None
5 Phonetic Spelling: kel-oo-hah'-ee
6 Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
7 Strong's Definition: from [03615;]03615; completed; Keluhai, an Israelite:--Chelluh.
8 Definition: Chelluh = "my accomplishment"
  1. a man with a foreign wife in the time of Ezra

9 English:
0 Usage: Chelluh

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