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Zechariah 6:4 verse
Then I answered and said unto the angel that talked with me, What are these, my lord ?

讜讗注谉 讜讗诪专 讗诇志讛诪诇讗讱 讛讚讘专 讘讬 诪讛志讗诇讛 讗讚谞讬

Judges 18:7 verse
Then the five men departed , and came to Laish, and saw the people that were therein, how they dwelt careless, after the manner of the Zidonians, quiet and secure ; and there was no magistrate in the land, that might put them to shame in any thing ; and they were far from the Zidonians, and had no business with any man.

讜讬诇讻讜 讞诪砖讈转 讛讗谞砖讈讬诐 讜讬讘讗讜 诇讬砖讈讛 讜讬专讗讜 讗转志讛注诐 讗砖讈专志讘拽专讘讛 讬讜砖讈讘转志诇讘讟讞 讻诪砖讈驻讟 爪讚谞讬诐 砖讈拽讟 讜讘讟讞 讜讗讬谞志诪讻诇讬诐 讚讘专 讘讗专抓 讬讜专砖讈 注爪专 讜专讞拽讬诐 讛诪讛 诪爪讚谞讬诐 讜讚讘专 讗讬谞志诇讛诐 注诪志讗讚诐

2 Chronicles 23:12 verse
Now when Athaliah heard the noise of the people running and praising the king, she came to the people into the house of the LORD :

讜转砖讈诪注 注转诇讬讛讜 讗转志拽讜诇 讛注诐 讛专爪讬诐 讜讛诪讛诇诇讬诐 讗转志讛诪诇讱 讜转讘讜讗 讗诇志讛注诐 讘讬转 讬讛讜讛


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