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   Excel, chief musician (..  谞指爪址讞~natsach~/naw-tsakh'/    "a poem set to notes"  Psalm  诪执讝职诪讜止专~mizmowr~/miz-more'/
   David  David  讚旨指讜执讚~David~/daw-veed'/    脳 at all, (cause to) fo..  砖讈指讻址讞~shakach~/shaw-kakh'/
   "The Holy Creator of t...  Jehovah, the Lord  讬职讛止讜指讛~Yhovah~/yeh-ho-vaw'/    Alway(-s), constantly, ..  谞侄爪址讞~netsach~/neh'-tsakh/
   Be absent, keep close, ..  住指转址专~cathar~/saw-thar'/    presence  Accept, (a-, be-)fore(..  驻旨指谞执讬诐~paniym~/paw-neem'/
   "apply/appoint/to put"  Apply, appoint, array, ..  砖讈执讬转~shiyth~/sheeth/    Advice, advisement, cou..  注值爪指讛~`etsah~/ay-tsaw'/
   Any, appetite, beast, b..  谞侄驻侄砖讈~nephesh~/neh'-fesh/    Grief, sorrow  讬指讙讜止谉~yagown~/yaw-gohn'/
   Bethink themselves, br..  诇值讘指讘~lebab~/lay-bawb'/    Daily, (by, in the) day..  讬讜止诪指诐~yowmam~/yo-mawm'/
   adversary/enemy  Enemy, foe  讗止讬值讘~'oyeb~/o-yabe'/    Bring up, exalt (self),..  专讜旨诐~ruwm~/room/
   (cause to) behold, cons..  谞指讘址讟~nabat~/naw-bat'/    Give account, afflict (..  注指谞指讛~`anah~/aw-naw'/
   "The Holy Creator of t...  Jehovah, the Lord  讬职讛止讜指讛~Yhovah~/yeh-ho-vaw'/    Elohiym/God/god/gods  Angels, 脳 exceeding, Go..  讗直诇止讛执讬诐~'elohiym~/el-o-heem'/
   脳 break of day, gloriou..  讗讜止专~'owr~/ore/    Affliction, outward app..  注址讬执谉~`ayin~/ah'-yin/
   Old (store), remain lon..  讬指砖讈值谉~yashen~/yaw-shane'/    (be) dead(-ly), death, ..  诪指讜侄转~maveth~/maw'-veth/
   adversary/enemy  Enemy, foe  讗止讬值讘~'oyeb~/o-yabe'/    "to say/speak/utter"  Answer, appoint, avouch..  讗指诪址专~'amar~/aw-mar'/
   Be able, any at all (wa..  讬指讻止诇~yakol~/yaw-kole'/    Adversary, afflicted(-t..  爪址专~tsar~/tsar/
   Be glad, joy, be joyful..  讙旨执讬诇~giyl~/gheel/    Be carried, cast, be ou..  诪讜止讟~mowt~/mote/
   Be bold (confident, sec..  讘旨指讟址讞~batach~/baw-takh'/    Favour, good deed(-line..  讞值住值讚~checed~/kheh'-sed/
   Care for, comfortably,..  诇值讘~leb~/labe/    Be glad, joy, be joyful..  讙旨执讬诇~giyl~/gheel/
   Deliverance, health, he..  讬职砖讈讜旨注指讛~yshuw`ah~/yesh-oo'-aw/
   Behold (by mistake for ..  砖讈执讬专~shiyr~/sheer/    "The Holy Creator of t...  Jehovah, the Lord  讬职讛止讜指讛~Yhovah~/yeh-ho-vaw'/
   Bestow on, deal bountif..  讙旨指诪址诇~gamal~/gaw-mal'/
The King James version of the Bible is Public Domain.

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