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   Blessed, happy  אֶשֶׁר~'esher~/eh'-sher/    human being, person  Also, another, any (man..  אִישׁ~'iysh~/eesh/
   (all) along, apace, beh..  הָלַךְ~halak~/haw-lak'/    Advice, advisement, cou..  עֵצָה~`etsah~/ay-tsaw'/
   Condemned, guilty, ung..  רָשָׁע~rasha`~/raw-shaw'/    Abide (behind), appoint..  עָמַד~`amad~/aw-mad'/
   Along, away, because of..  דֶּרֶךְ~derek~/deh'-rek/    Offender, sinful, sinner  חַטָּא~chatta'~/khat-taw'/
   "to dwell/sit"  (make to) abide(-ing), ..  יָשַׁב~yashab~/yaw-shab'/    Assembly, dwell in, dwe..  מוֹשָׁב~mowshab~/mo-shawb'/
   Ambassador, have in der..  לוּץ~luwts~/loots/
   Acceptable, delight(-so..  חֵפֶץ~chephets~/khay'-fets/    Law  תּוֹרָה~towrah~/to-raw'/
   "The Holy Creator of t...  Jehovah, the Lord  יְהֹוָה~Yhovah~/yeh-ho-vaw'/    Law  תּוֹרָה~towrah~/to-raw'/
   Imagine, meditate, mour..  הָגָה~hagah~/daw-gaw'/    Daily, (by, in the) day..  יוֹמָם~yowmam~/yo-mawm'/
   (mid-)night (season)  לַיִל~layil~/lah'-yil/
   Carpenter, gallows, he..  עֵץ~`ets~/ates/    Plant  שָׁתַל~shathal~/shaw-thal'/
   River, stream  פֶּלֶג~peleg~/peh'-leg/    water  Piss, wasting, water(-..  מַיִם~mayim~/mah'-yim/
   Add, apply, appoint, as..  נָתַן~nathan~/naw-than'/    Bough, (first-)fruit(-f..  פְּרִי~priy~/per-ee'/
   After, (al-)ways, × ce..  עֵת~`eth~/ayth/    Branch, leaf  עָלֶה~`aleh~/aw-leh'/
   Disgrace, dishounour, l..  נָבֵל~nabel~/naw-bale'/    to do, accomplish, make  Accomplish, advance, ap..  עָשָׂה~`asah~/aw-saw'/
   Break out, come (mighti..  צָלַח~tsalach~/tsaw-lakh'/
   Condemned, guilty, ung..  רָשָׁע~rasha`~/raw-shaw'/    Chaff  מֹץ~mots~/motes/
   wind, breath, mind, sp...  Air, anger, blast, brea..  רוּחַ~ruwach~/roo'-akh/    Drive (away, to and fro..  נָדַף~nadaph~/naw-daf'/
   Condemned, guilty, ung..  רָשָׁע~rasha`~/raw-shaw'/    Abide, accomplish, × be..  קוּם~quwm~/koom/
   Adversary, ceremony, c..  מִשְׁפָּט~mishpat~/mish-pawt'/    Offender, sinful, sinner  חַטָּא~chatta'~/khat-taw'/
   Assembly, company, cong..  עֵדָה~`edah~/ay-daw'/    Just, lawful, righteous..  צַדִּיק~tsaddiyq~/tsad-deek'/
   "The Holy Creator of t...  Jehovah, the Lord  יְהֹוָה~Yhovah~/yeh-ho-vaw'/    Acknowledge, acquaintan..  יָדַע~yada`~/yaw-dah'/
   Along, away, because of..  דֶּרֶךְ~derek~/deh'-rek/    Just, lawful, righteous..  צַדִּיק~tsaddiyq~/tsad-deek'/
   Along, away, because of..  דֶּרֶךְ~derek~/deh'-rek/    Condemned, guilty, ung..  רָשָׁע~rasha`~/raw-shaw'/
   Break, destroy, destruc..  אָבַד~'abad~/aw-bad'/
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