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Proverbs 3:15 verse
She is more precious than rubies : and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her.

יקרה היא מפניים וכל־חפציך לא ישׁוו־בה

Joshua 21:20 verse
And the families of the children of Kohath, the Levites which remained of the children of Kohath, even they had the cities of their lot out of the tribe of Ephraim.

ולמשׁפחות בני־קהת הלוים הנותרים מבני קהת ויהי ערי גורלם ממטה אפרים

Exodus 38:17 verse
And the sockets for the pillars were of brass ; the hooks of the pillars and their fillets of silver ; and the overlaying of their chapiters of silver ; and all the pillars of the court were filleted with silver.

והאדנים לעמדים נחשׁת ווי העמודים וחשׁוקיהם כסף וצפוי ראשׁיהם כסף והם מחשׁקים כסף כל עמדי החצר


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